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In the third era of the great magicians, the great Master Tarok , cast a golden shield of the remains of a solar meteor and made inscribe on it the following legend : "FIFTH DAY OF THE FIFTH MONTH OF THE FIFTH ERA" Shortly after the great magician died and the shield was guarded in the sacred temple of his native village . Since then , according to legend , the golden shield protects the inhabitants of NARGOORT from all curses and evil forces. But the fourth month of the fifth era , the magician Amargol , master of the castle of forests, stole the shield of the temple because he had...

Published: 1990
Type: Adventure
Platform: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Msx 2, PC DOS, ZX Spectrum
Recommended age: All

Risky Woods

The monks old custodians of the wisdom of the Lost Lands have been converted into stone by the evil forces. Young warrior Rohan will have to penetrate in Risky Woods to find the statues and release the monks from captivity in order to return the wisdom to the Lost Lands.

Published: 1992
Type: Adventure
Platform: Amiga, Megadrive
Recommended age: All