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Ojo por ojo

Ojo por Ojo was created  for Spain Game Devs Jam II and it WON the THIRD place on  ART category thank to the unique clamation aesthetic. This is a crazy pass and play race game where you must collect five body parts to win.   (Original)

Published: 2020
Type: Action-adventure, Racing
Platform: HTML5, PC W
Recommended age: All

Relevo's Snowboarding

You are about to enter the Relevo Snowboarding World Championship all around the globe! The contest has a total of 16 stages - all of them beautiful and challenging circuits. Use your skills in this wild race against the clock while you master different styles and experience speed! Give a good read to the provided instruction manual for detailed information on controls and how to perform freestyle tricks! (Original description)

Published: 2020
Type: Sport, Racing
Platform: MSX
Recommended age: All

Carrera de cobertura

2-player versus runner. In an infinite track, each player tries to avoid incoming obstacles. The player that succeedes in avoiding collision wins. As the players progress through the track, control response increases latency. This makes it harder to control movement.

Published: 2018
Type: Racing, Ability - Skills
Platform: PC
Recommended age: All

Armix Kart

Basque, Spanish and English languages are the hurdle you will have to leap in this hard race. If you solve the problems, you will get devices that allow you to go faster.

Published: 2009
Type: Arcade, Edugame, Racing
Platform: PC
Recommended age: 7+