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Pile Up!

Pile Up! ticks all the right boxes as a family-friendly cooperative 3D platformer! Jump up, slide down, play together and carry the load! (Original)

Published: 2021
Type: Action-adventure, Platform
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Steam, Xbox One
Recommended age: All

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

You’re alone in a room with a bomb. Your friends, the “Experts”, have the manual needed to defuse it. But there’s a catch: the Experts can’t see the bomb, so everyone will need to talk it out – fast! Put your puzzle-solving and communication skills to the test as you and your friends race to defuse bombs quickly before time runs out! (Original)

Published: 2015
Type: Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One
Recommended age: 12+
Age limit reason: Games

Itadaki Smash

Katsu is the owner of the best restaurant in town. But the Tengogo mafia is determined to bring his business down by putting a curse on all the food, transforming the dishes into terrible demons. Only our heroes, with their new powers, can stop them. (Original)

Published: 2021
Type: Adventure, beat 'em up
Platform: PlayStation 4 (PS4), Steam
Recommended age: 12+
Age limit reason: Fear

Batu ta batu

Batu Ta Batu is a colorful tile puzzle game from one up to four players. Slide, combine and match the tiles of the same color through hundreds of levels and several game modes! Enter the world of Batu Ta Batu and slide tiles, combine them and send them to their matching color across 10 different game modes with hundreds of levels. Batu Ta Batu (“join and join” in Basque) is an exciting puzzle game where you can play solo or join other players for a crazy challenge. (Original)

Published: 2020
Type: Adventure
Platform: PlayStation 4 (PS4), Steam, Xbox One
Recommended age: All

Treasure rangers

FEATURES: Treasure Rangers is a one player 3D puzzle solving action platformer, in which the player will need to switch between different characters, each with their unique powers, in order to succeed. · Third person game experience for one player. · Full 3D graphics with a cartoon artstyle. · 1 outdoor scenario plus 4 big caves (with 4 long levels each) · 4 playable characters. · Characters and objects to interact with (text dialogs) · Puzzle solving using scenario elements and switches. · Puzzle solving by using each chatacter&rsqu...

Published: 2019
Type: Action-adventure
Platform: PlayStation 4 (PS4)
Recommended age: All


Fear, solving puzzles, exploring, fighting and resource management are the keys to getting out alive from Submersed. Are you ready to try it? Jack Ballard, paramedic of the Miami maritime rescue service, recently incorporated to work after the death of his wife, arrives, following a mayday call, at a strange offshore facility, where he will have to use all his skills to get out alive.

Published: 2019
Type: Adventure
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4)
Recommended age: 18+
Age limit reason: Fear


8DAYS - Peace is our Bussiness is a crazy dual stick shooter in which you play as an expendable mercenary for G.O.D. Inc.("Gold, Oil and Diamonds - GOOD Nasdaq). G.O.D has become the world leader in the Private Military Company (PMC) sector and its main business is to bring peace to those conflict areas where its clients have strategic interests.

Published: 2017
Type: Shot
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One
Recommended age: 16+
Age limit reason: Violence


Pirate Baboon, the most perfidious baboon on little monkey’s island, has wreaked havoc with his anti-gravity raygun, he's gone and fired his lethal ray at every banana on the island. Now they are floating around! What can we do now? Our brave hero Tumbili must spring into action, protected with good ol’ grandpa’s helmet, he shoots himself into the most explosive adventure ever! Will you be able to trash evil Pirate Baboon's plans and save the island's inhabitants from doom? Join Tumbili on a great adventure where you'll battle arch enemies, make new friends, t...

Published: 2015
Type: Adventure, Platform, Puzzle
Platform: PlayStation 4 (PS4), PS Vita
Recommended age: 3+