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Los ríos de Alice

Alice will be glad to help you to discover her marvelous world but you will have to help her to overcome their fears in exchange. Falsehood, envy and laziness are the eternal threats that stalk her. This video game is done to enjoy it to the max but calmly. It mixes beautiful images and the exceptional music that Vetusta Morla has composed specially for the game.

Published: 2013
Type: Adventure, Intelligence
Platform: Android, iTunes, Steam, Wii U
Recommended age: All

Looking for love

It´s a two player platform based game: you have to catch every hearts and engage with you partner to find a true love. Like every couples, this engage must be based in the confidence to each other, however, we know the efforce may not be the same by both partners. So, trying to get away from the rutine and going on holidays when you need it, jump from one heart to other, but trying to don´t´fall down!

Published: 2013/01/26

Kinito Music Puzzle

This app is composed of 40 masterpieces of music and each of them is divided in pieces of different colour. The player has to help conductor to order colour pieces in order to achieve the success of the concert. It is required maximum hearing sense. The game is another way of enjoying music. You will find in his repertoire the most popular and beautiful works of history. Thanks to great composers as Beethoven, Mozart or Verdi this game is until this moment the best classical music puzzle.

Published: 2013/08/24
Type: Intelligence
Platform: Android
Recommended age: All