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Pirate Baboon, the most perfidious baboon on little monkey’s island, has wreaked havoc with his anti-gravity raygun, he's gone and fired his lethal ray at every banana on the island. Now they are floating around! What can we do now? Our brave hero Tumbili must spring into action, protected with good ol’ grandpa’s helmet, he shoots himself into the most explosive adventure ever! Will you be able to trash evil Pirate Baboon's plans and save the island's inhabitants from doom? Join Tumbili on a great adventure where you'll battle arch enemies, make new friends, take part in an amazing story and solve lots of challenges and side quests to save the day!

Published: 2015
Type: Adventure, Platform, Puzzle
Platform: PlayStation 4 (PS4), PS Vita
Recommended age: 3+
License: Copyright


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