Trapped in the machine

This educational  game is designed to teach about security in games for children. They learn how to avoid the dangers of the net just playing this game.   (Original)

Publikatze data: 2018


MINIMAP, the map of videogames created in the Basque Country, is a collaborative proyect by Tabakalera that intends to collect, access and visualize the local production of videogames. MINIMAP includes every type of videogames: popular, commercial, independent, artistic... In this way every creator, both amateur and professional, gets the opportunity to share new creations with the public.

MINIMAP offers you information of each videogame and, in case the creators allow so, lets you play them.

In case you want to take part by adding new videogames, have a look at the section Take part.

Take part

Take part in MINIMAP!

You will only have to follow the instructions we provide on this website and upload the information you are willing to share. Remember that we accept information about videogames created in the Basque Country, therefore we will not inlcude videogames created elsewehere. The videogames can be of any nature, quality or type, as long as they meet our terms and conditions.

There are two ways to add a videogame to the map:

  • ONLINE (recommended): Click on this link and follow the instructions. The system is self-explanatory. In just a few minutes you will find your videogame on the map.
  • E-MAIL: Send relevant information about the videogame (name of the game, location on the map, author, brief description) to We will contact you once we receive the videogame. If you wish, you can send us the videogame.

Tabakalera reserves the right to edit certain parts of the information. It is not our intention to keep full control over the content, and even less to censor it. We simply wish to present it the best possible way. The editor's team, for instance, translates every content into Basque, Spanish and English. In any case: if you have any suggestion or critic, feel free to contact us in this mail:

Thanks for participating!

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Project and webmaster management: Medialab Tabakalera.

Design and web programming: Iametza interaktiboa.

In addition, it must thanks the MINIMAP project to this team: Carlos González (execution), Xavier Balderas (Web programming) and Daniel Artamendi, Xavier Balderas, Iñaki Huarte, Iruri Knörr, Arturo Monedero and Joannes Txabarri for their inestimable collaboration.


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