You BALLStards! Game info and download

This is a two player highly competitive game, 1vs1, played on the same computer. You simply jump around on a big grid, generating waves every time you fall. Your opponent does the same, and if any of you get hit by a wave you will lose a hit. 3 hits and you will get killed, lose all 6 lifes and it's Game Over! Additionally, every time one of the player dies the level changes, ensuring endless (or at least 10 minutes) of fun. The controls are: - For player 1 (blue), move with WASD and jump with Space or Tab - For player 2 (red), mode with the arrows and jump with Enter - You can continue from the menu and credits with Enter or Space - You can exit by pressing Escape Regular USB controllers are supported, with both analog joystick and d-pad movement control, and A (bottom button) for jumping.

Published: 2017
Type: Ability - Skills
Platform: PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright
Encounter: Global Game Jam 2017 Iruña


Programming: Iris Dominguez
Design: Candela Elias
Music: David KBD & Ion Huarte


Godot engine

Planetario de Pamplona / Iruñeko Planetarioa, Calle Sancho Ramírez, Pamplona, España