Xcube 3d

Each player received  colored cubes that he places  in the lower screen . Occasionally he also receive a detonator cube. Detonators cubes takes 10 seconds to activate from it is placed by the player. If the activate detonators  have another cube of the same color on the top, right, left or below side, it detonates. All other contiguos cube of the same color detonate too. Destroyed cubes are counted to be transferred to the contrary. Every time cubes are destroyed a timer starts working. If  more cubes are detonated before time runs,  the multiplier increases. The multiplier resolver how many cubes are transferred to the rival when the player destroy a new cube. The game finishes when the player has not more space for placing cubes or he places one  Outside play area.

Published: 2011
Type: Puzzle, Ability - Skills
Platform: PC
Recommended age: All
License: CC (by-nc-nd)
Encounter: Euskal Encounter 19


Ángel Aguinaga.

BEC (BILBAO EXIBITION CENTRE), Calle el Retiro, Baracaldo, EspaƱa