Vals Panic

- When we considered the challenge to compress the work processes of the Marketing Agency Vals in a little game, we didn’t think it would end up looking so cute: like a classic 80s LCD handheld! You must help in the work processes so that the idea goes from the client briefing to the strategy definition, the first drafts, design process, and the final delivery as a cute paper plane. Try not to fail on the key momments, or your idea might end on the paper bin! ✔ Virtual buttons to control the main character. ✔ High Score saves. ✔ If you reach 200 points without missing, twice the points! And if you miss, you will recover a life. ✔ Increasing difficulty. Beware: it’ll get * very * hard!. Challenge completed!: try to convey the work of a marketing agency using the communication codes of the early handhelds. Would you like to know what can we come up with to convey your brand or product? Visit, and find it!.

Published: 2012
Type: Ability - Skills
Platform: Android, iTunes
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


Vals Agencia de Publicidad


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