Slide Soccer

Here Slide Soccer multiplayer comes! It has different scenarios and game modes! Discover Slide Soccer multiplayer and challenge your friends or players from all around the  world. You have to score goal to the machine at different levels of difficulty. Choose the soccer field that you like (grass, ice or clay). Each one has its own features. Make easy and accurate shots. You can also make a spiral shot. Combine balls with each scenario (metal, wood, leather, especially for ice, golf ball or rugby) and optimizes the strategy. Try different modes of play: -For Turns: Each player has a shot. Once you have shot, the turn passes to the contrary again and again until the play time will be over or one of the players reaches the target goal. - Simultaneous: Both players make a shot that takes place at a time. - Multiple turns: A player may move all the chips he wants before the end of the game. After the turn passes to the next player. - Multiple simultaneous: Each player can move all the chips you want before executing the move. - For Time: Each player has a limited time to make their movement. Have fun and start scoring goals in Slide Soccer!

Published: 2014
Type: Sport
Platform: Android, iTunes, PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright