Satanicida Game info

It's the time to get into hell and start killing some demons with ritual gestures. You have to perform a gesture move on each demon when it appears to kill it, but beware, every time you kill a minor demon Satans rage increases and when he is full of rage he will appear to hunt you and in your hands (fingers) will be to use what you learnt to send him back (until his return). Now, start killing demons!

Published: 2016
Type: Action-adventure, Ability - Skills
Platform: Android
Recommended age: 12+
License: Copyright
Encounter: Global Game Jam 2016 Iruña


Game Designer & Developer: Iván Pérez, Iván Pajares.

Graphic Designer: Izadi Goñi, Andrea Ciaurriz

Music & SFX: Jon Huarte, David Teclas.



Edificios inteligentes, Parque Tomás Caballero, 2