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After many years without seeing her, we bump into Danae. With her we lived the adventure of our lives, the one that shaped and changed us forever as people. Now that we have her before us, memories of the past invade our minds and make us wonder ... Is it worth trying again? --- Remedium is a visual novel that explores the highs, lows and uncertainty of a past relationship, whatever the nature of it. With it we immerse ourselves, for a brief period of time, in a fantasy world in which the decisions we make will directly affect the relationship, both past and future, that we maintain with Danae. What makes a relationship move forward? --- Remedium has 5 different endings, of which only one of them unlocks a final illustration.

Published: 2020
Type: Adventure
Platform: Linux, Mac OS, PC W
Recommended age: 18+
License: CC (by-nc-nd)
Encounter: Global Game Jam 2020 Bilbao


Aintzane Arribas
Iñigo Arrieta
Amaia Bonachera

Eneko Alaminos

Nahikari Diosdado

Erik Carrero

Game Design:
Oier Garrido



ZAWP Bilbao, Zuloaga Ignacio Pintor Kalea, Bilbo, Espainia