Powa! Web

POWA! for GB(C) is a newly-developed action-platformer in a similar vein as other genre-classics of the handheld, like Kirby's Dreamland and Trip World.

The gameplay is decidedly kept simple and makes POWA! easy to pick it up, but challenging to conquer. A good variety of level themes and obstacles, with an ever-increasing difficulty curve keep the experience thoroughly engaging and fresh!

Published: 2020
Type: Adventure
Platform: Game Boy, Game Boy Color, PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


-More than 4 different worlds

-Awesome music by sergeeo

-Majestic cover, box art, comic and additional ingame graphics by Ivan Miguel

-Powered by ZGB

An old-school game to play on your favourite handheld



Madrid, EspaƱa