Piratekin hizkuntzaren munduan "Piratekin" seriea

The pirate ship has sunk and sharks are going to eat you! You have to shoo away them with the oar and get to the island! You're caught in an Egyptian pyramid! To escape from there you have to cross columns that have nails. But how to do it? The forest witch will catch you and if you want to escape from her you have to help her to prepare the magic potion. The Arabian nights are perfect for storytelling. But the old Man Who tells you stories is too old and confused with words. Would you help him? Cannibals invite you to eat but you don’t like the food: You are the dinner! Escape from the pan.

Published: 2001
Type: Adventure, Edugame, Platform, Puzzle
Platform: Mac OS, PC
Recommended age: 12+
License: Copyright


Elhuyar Fundazioa.

Usúrbil, España