One pixel band One pixel band

Game developed in 2014 Bime Hack Day event. We had to develop a game about "musical instruments in approximately 20 hours. Our idea was to make a game where you had to collect instruments and add them to the background melody. And if you lost them, they stop playing. We wanted to experiment and learn about online multiplayer, we decided to unite these two pieces in the game. Result: It is a multiplayer game for mobile devices (Android and iOS). You drive a pixel with arms and legs, and you have to collect all the musical instruments of the stage to win. To do this, you can move around the stage and jump to reach higher platforms or avoid getting hit by other players. You can join games or create your own. Enter the number of players that you want to create your game, and invite your friends to enter or wait for players to connect with you! Once a game have begun, it is closed for new players.

Published: 2014/11/01


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