MOW - Minimal Over Wheels

As we could guess with the name, it’s a car game. But it isn’t the usual car race game. We could say that sometimes it looks like a game for the driving-licence practice. In this game, we should drive a car through different growing circuits and we have to respect the traffic signals (even though it isn’t obligatory) and take care of the different hurdles that are going to appear in our way.

The circuits highway are always vertical, our vehicle is always going to go up the through highways with rails from one to five and with different decorations such as mountains or really dark and nighttime landscapes.

The objective of the game is really simple: arrive to the end before time is up.

Published: 2017
Type: Simulation, Ability - Skills
Platform: iTunes
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


Developers: Zeus Software (Raúl López).

Donostia, EspaƱa