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Abra-Cadabra (also known as the Magic Twins) dared to challenge the first rule of the Witchcraft School of the Island of Mallorca: "Never use your chromagic powers to dye your clothes".

Now, their wardrobe is breathtaking, but they have unleashed the Colormageddon all over the island. Multiple interdimensional rifts have opened up and they keep spitting out color elementals!

Only the Magic Twins and their faithful cauldron can stop the disaster they started. Fashion and chromagic powers will be their tools to create the definitive spell that banishes the elementals from this reality, but keeps their newly dyed outfits intact.


Published: 2021
Type: Arcade, Puzzle
Platform: Linux, Mac OS, Nintendo Switch, PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


Motor: Unity
Publisher: BadLand Publishing
Price: 13€


Flying Beast Labs

Bilbao, Espainia