Jungle Warrior

A plane flying over the Amazon jungle has to do an emergency landing because an engine failure. In the accident, the pilot has lost his life, but the two passengers are unharmed. Keorg Kraken, famed explorer and connoisseur of the forest and his dangers, and Dr. Susan Vattan are the two survivors. After the accident they have lost consciousness for a long time, not knowing that a great danger lurked in the darkness of jungle. Hours later, when Keorg regained consciousness, he horrified contemplates the result of the terrible catastrophe. Susan!, exclaims ... He feared the worst ... Only after brief moments of reflection notes the absence of Dr. Vattan among the wreckage. He does not understand what happened, but at least now have  hope of finding her alive and begins to investigate. In a few moments Keorg has analyzed the situation and concluded that Susan has been kidnapped by the Ougadú tribe. Keorg decide to arm yourself to find her, even if it must face all the great problems can happen.

Published: 1990
Type: Adventure, Shot
Platform: Amstrad CPC, Msx 2, ZX Spectrum
Recommended age: 12+
License: Copyright


Programazioa: Iñigo Ayo.

Grafikoak: Igor Ruiz Konstandin.

Musika: Lete.

Argitaratzailea: Zigurat / True Soft.

Bilbao, EspaƱa