Iona: coded will Information and download

Iona: Coded Will is a first person parkour game, a la Mirrors Edge, with fun, challenging gameplay and cool, futuristic Tron-like visuals. You play Iona, a female cyborg who gained consciousness and is trying to escape the factory where she was built.  This factory is basically one huge, well designed obstacle course, full of moving machinery, lasers and deadly falls.  You have plenty of parkour skills at your advantage, including power-jumps and wall running, but momentum is your most essential attribute. The pulsing metal world and ominous soundtrack impart a real sense of urgency in Iona: Code Will, encouraging you to keep moving and pulling off more and more fantastic feats of parkour.  It’s another impressive game from the Students of the DigiPen Institute – An atmospheric parkour platformer with style and substance.

Published: 2014
Type: Adventure, Ability - Skills
Platform: PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


Aitor Gomez, Designer.

Aitor Tejedor, Producer.

Antoine Micaelian, Co-designer.

Jaime Uriarte, Level Designer.

Sergio Vicente, Lead Programmer.

Ilaskine Echeandia, Producer.

Imanol Celaya, Lead Programmer.

Andoni Besa, Generalist Programmer.

Xabier Sevillano, Producer & Designer.

Sendoa Bergasa, Lead Artist.

Xabier Espana, Artist.