her tears were my light Videogame info

Originally released in 2016, Her tears were my light is a love story between time and space.

As time, you can move forward, backward, or warp to any of your “save points” in the story. can you use that power to save space from her feelings of loneliness?

Playtime: <1 hour
Content advisory: includes mild horror elements, and incredibly sappy romance.


  • 6k word count, with 3 main endings
  • many cute illustrations and animation
  • NEW ingame photo studio!
  • NEW bonus gallery with developer commentary!

Published: 2022
Type: Indie, Interactive story, Simulation
Platform: Android, Linux, Mac OS, PC, Steam
Recommended age: 7+
Age limit reason: Fear
License: Copyright


history + character's art: NomnomNami
background: Emmit
Music: Alex Huang (LydianChord)


Español (ES), Euskara: Gabriel Fiallegas Medina (Basajaun Games)
Español (LATAM): José Jil Tudela, Gabriel Fiallegas Medina
Français: La Chouette
Italiano: Robin O. Longobardi Zingerelli
Português (BR): Fah Braccini
Polski: Nika Klag
Русский: tinenmi (Tuna Std.), River
한국어 : KyleHeren
日本語 : Yuki Yoshida
Tiếng Việt : minhvipkk


Ren'py (game engine)

Portland, Oregón, EE. UU.