HassleHeart Hassleheart

You are a heartless robot, living on a cheap battery that’s running out fast. Like the Tin Man, you want a human heart. Unlike the Tin Man, you’re going to have to kill for it. Different humans habe different cravings and move at different speeds. Fatboy likes burgers and smokes, while Smoker moves a bit faster, only smokes, and doesn't eat burgers. Once you have a human heart, you can drop your battery and enjoy longer life and faster speeds. Before your human heart's life runs out, you'd better keep killing because time keeps ticking. If you get into trouble, you can always go back and pick up your old battery, but when it dies, so do you, and the game is over! Have a heart, and follow your hearts, and soon you will heart hearts like us! If you take us to heart, we promise to continue delivering this and many more fun and bizarrely addictive games. home_SCG-011

Published: 2014
Encounter: Global Game Jam 2013 Bilbao


Santa Clara Games.