Glorified asteroids

This was actually a stupid school project I had to do. A few late night sundays
of coding, every two weeks for 1 month or so. I started working on a even more
GLORIFIED version last week as it seems (stupid ass fucking lame) game coding
is easier than democoding. Maybe just because I don't really care about the
final product.
Is slow because of the phisics. For some reason I had to do an o(N^N) hack...
Anyway if you play it for more than 10 seconds it's a win I guess.

Published: 2010
Type: Ability - Skills
Platform: PC
Recommended age: 12+
License: CC (by-nc-nd)
Encounter: Euskal Encounter 18



BEC (BILBAO EXIBITION CENTRE), Calle el Retiro, Baracaldo, EspaƱa