Euskal kartak Web

We encounter a card game with a Basque touch. The suits have been replaced by symbols from the Basque mythology. With Euskal Kartak we can not only have a fun and entertaining time, we can also deepen our knowledge on Basque culture and language.

In addition, it is an opportunity to learn more about mythology. We will know the stories of Mari, Herensugea, Basajaun, Zezengorri, Sugaar, Tartalo, Mikelats, Iratxoak, lamiak, AtarrabI ... And not only that! We will also know more about such important icons of our culture as the Gernika Tree, lauburu, pala corta and eguzkilore.

Published: 2017
Type: Culture
Platform: Android, iOS
Recommended age: 7+
License: Copyright


Price: 1.19€ Google Play - 1.09€ App Store

Avenida Axpeko Erribera Etorbidea, 48950 Erandio, Bizkaia, EspaƱa