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Like every afternoon, Maia and Ioritz have gone to the village store to buy. They find under shock that all the inhabitants are turned to stone!

The town has fallen under a curse and only the spirit of the forest can help.

The spirit knows what to do: prepare a magic potion that will free the people, but it does not have all the ingredients. Three are missing!

The pair of siblings will have to travel all over the world to find them, but it won't be easy. Lots of threats are awaiting them! If they do not obtain the ingredients, the town will be eternally turned into stone. No way around it, they will have to face all the upcoming dangers.

Published: 2017
Type: Interactive story
Platform: Android, iOS
Recommended age: 12+
License: Copyright


Price: 1.19€ Google Play - 1.09€ App Store

Avenida Axpeko Erribera Etorbidea, 48950 Erandio, Bizkaia, EspaƱa