Dementium. The ward Game info

Dementium tells the tale of a man, William Redmoor, who has an operation on his brain. The Doctor realized that the mind of William is in danger, so he made nightmare dreams where William must fight back to the end and get out of his dreams. As the Doctor calls it, this is the first phase. Throughout the game, the constant mention of a man who murdered his wife and daughter is brought up. It was believed by the staff that William was the murderer. A news report towards the end of the game says that a man was found standing over the dead body of his wife with a gun in his hand. After a brief struggle, police shot and wounded the man. His daughter was found alive.

The basque file is in this link.


Published: 2007
Type: Action-adventure
Platform: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS
Recommended age: 18+
Age limit reason: Violence
License: Copyright


Renegade Kid

Austin, Texas, EE. UU.