Crossy Creeper Game info

One of the most suprising Crossy-style games! Having over 100 different characters to play, it's going to be like having many games in one! Try it out now with a Halloween special! You are going to cross streets, rails and rivers in stunning scenarios like snowy mountains, deserts or the hell... And you will have to flee from creepers who will be trying to catch you, explode next to you and destroy the ground so you fall and lose. Try this Minecraft-style game with its fresh and intuitive mecanics. Wait no more and play this arcade game and jump around avoiding different types of obstacles on your way!

Published: 2017
Type: Arcade, Ability - Skills
Platform: Android, iTunes
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


Created by: Keplerians (Etorki Games).

Iparralde Hiribidea, Irún, España