Crazy chords Game info and download

This game is about instrumental music, you are one flute and the objective of this game is to pass the whole song from start to the end. We are inspired on space invaders, but the thing that makes us unique, is the transmission of the musical chords instead of just killing. With this game we tried to connect all the people with music and change their vision of music, into something positive. For all new users of this game, the first level of the game is a tutorial. Hints: dont let the blocks touch the ground, if you let them, you loose. Your only weapon is music. Objective of this arcade game is to achieve the highest score. "Music is more than noise, noise is not music".

Published: 2018
Type: Ability - Skills
Platform: Android, iTunes, PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright
Encounter: Global Game Jam 2018 Bilbao


Developers: Jon Garde, Imanol G. Otaola, Alejandro Irujo Aldaz, Mikel Sagasti Burgos.


GameMaker, Unity

Azkuna Zentroa, Plaza de Arriquíbar, Bilbao, España