Copper Trooper Game info and download

A group of soldiers must be controlled by the player without losing the radio signal that allows the player to communicate with the units. How to play: Click on a unit and then wherever you want to move him and press the play button. Each unit has his own hability. Soldiers (green) have rifles so they can kill enemies if you click on them or if the enemies enter their sight area. The medic (white) can heal or revive friendly units if you clink on them. The engineer (blue) can repair the radio towers if you click on them. The radio (yellow) can move even when he's not into the radio tower signal area and has his own radio signal. If you want to cancel the order you have given to the selected soldier, press the cancel button. If you want to stop a soldier while he is moving, press the pause button. If you want to stop all the soldiers press the emergancy stop button (the triangle) Units only can receive commands if they are into the radio signal area. To win, you have to repair all the towers. If you lose the engineer and the medic, you lose the game. You can move the camera freely using ASWD keys.

Published: 2018
Type: Action-adventure, Ability - Skills
Platform: PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright
Encounter: Global Game Jam 2018 Bilbao


Developers: Gorka Fujimoto Holgado, Iván Aramda Mato, Raúl Miguelez, Julen Bordonaba..



Azkuna Zentroa, Plaza de Arriquíbar, Bilbao, España