Buried alive Game info

You are a valuable servant/scriba at the service of your pharaon. But everything comes to an end, and some reignants life are shorter than others. Bad news: your pharaon just died, and as valuable as he considered you, he wanted you to serve him when he resurrects "in the other side". Incredibily you don't feel very happy with his last desire. After you are buried with him alive, you find royal architect's secret exit to the pharaon's tomb chamber... And it is yor last chance to scape. He will be prepared to go to heaven with every soul inside the pyramid by morning light, and you have litle time before that happens in order to avoid the traps and find the exit. Five minutes is the time you are given, to decide your destiny between your life here or in the other world...

Published: 2016
Type: Strategy
Platform: PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright
Encounter: Global Game Jam 2016 Donostia


  • Diego Gutierrez - Developer.
  • Jon Ander Vázquez - Developer.
  • Erik Noriega - Designer.
  • Juanma Reyes - Developer, designer.



Juan Fermín Gilisagasti, 4