This application is based on the use of the Basque dictionary. It takes the mechanics of a Bingo and is made to trigger the use of Euskera.

The application shows three play modes in three different contexts. On the one hand, it is worked on the vocabulary associated with food, animals and objects. On the other hand, each category contains three play modes, which have been specifically created to work the vocabulary. The easiest mode offers text and audio when playing bingo, the medium mode only offers text and the most difficult mode only offers audio.

It can be played both individually and in pairs.

Published: 2017
Type: Edugame
Platform: Android, iOS
Recommended age: 3+
License: Copyright


Price: 1,19€

Avenida Axpeko Erribera Etorbidea, 48950 Erandio, Bizkaia, EspaƱa