Bestial Warrior

After KERMAN rock system is found SAGAR Valley, biggest enemy stronghold in the area. There is no army, no machine or hero able to attack the fortress. The only person who can do it is Krügger. He is not an army, not a machine, not even a hero, Krügger is " BESTIAL WARRIOR ". OBJECTIVE: Find the three assemblies of C70 - MAGNUM gun located along the first three sectors. Once you have the weapon in your possession, crosses the fourth sector, the main base of the enemy. STICK GUN FX The Bestial Warrior incorporate into this version the GUN_STICK trigger system. Now Krugger is not the only protagonist of the adventure: Your mission is to kill their enemies provided with your gun GUN- STICK. Success depends on one thing: the teamwork of its two protagonists, Krugger and you. Krugger decides the way. You clear it .

Published: 1989
Type: Adventure, Shot
Platform: Amstrad CPC, Msx 2, ZX Spectrum
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


Zeus Software.

Publikazioa: Dinamic Software.


Julio Santos García: Programazioa.

Raúl López: Grafikoak.

Paseo Altza, San Sebastián, España